Sunday, October 23, 2011

Cauliflower quiche tarts

Remember summer? Remember sitting in the park, reading just for fun? (Yah, for fun!) Remember watching every episode of  that TV show? (Masterchef Australia.) Remember basking in a coma of complete relaxation? (I’m not an English major, can you tell?) But then after a couple of those days, maybe you got a little bored. Or maybe you just got tired of living at home for the summer. And then one day you hear yourself say, “You know, I wouldn’t mind if school started soon. I’m actually looking forward to it.”
Yah. That. That was silly.

Fast forward to mid October with midterms in full swing. Those days where the top priority was “what am I going to eat today and in what order” are over. What used to be the time you woke up in the morning is now the time where you have already gone to two classes and are walking to the library, maybe trying to sneak a Subway footlong coffee past library security. Oh and did I mention you can’t wear shorts anymore. Nope, the sun got fed up with all the studying. 
Hi summer, why can’t we be friends again.

So during this past week, with an hour before yet another midterm, I find myself in the kitchen, waiting for these cauliflower tarts to bake. (Everyone prepares for exams differently.) These individual portion sizes are great because they can be made ahead of time and packed for weekday lunches with some salad greens. Plus the protein from the egg keeps you full, while the low fat content keeps it light.

6 Servings
1 small head of cauliflower
4 extra large eggs
½ cup plain yogurt
2 tablespoons flour
½ teaspoon each of salt and pepper (more if desired)
½ teaspoon each of dill and pepper flakes (optional)
6 half inch cubes of mozzarella or brie or camembert
Oil for greasing the tin

1. Cut cauliflower into quarters and boil for 10 min or until tender.
2. Preheat the oven to 450F.
3. Cut cauliflower into florets, discarding the hard core. Lightly grease a 6 cup, extra large muffin tin and divide the cooked cauliflower between the six holes.
4. Mix together eggs, yogurt, flour, salt, pepper, and spices and pour mixture on top of the cauliflower. Make sure the mixture is covering the cauliflower evenly.
5. Nest a cube of cheese into the center of each tart. Sprinkle a little more salt and pepper on top.
6. Bake for half an hour or until golden. Let cool and pop the tarts out, topping with salsa if desired.


  1. I will definitely be making these, this weekend! Thanks for the great recipes...and keep them coming!

  2. I did try this recipe and they were tasty...unexpectedly they puffed up quite a bit and looked a little more like muffins than the ones in your photo. Yummy!


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