Welcome to OABB!
This blog documents a student's attempt to eat well, live healthy and play always
while working through life, a camera's memory card and a degree.

Throughout high school, I’ve always had a love hate relationship with food. While I was not obviously overweight, I was still not happy with my body image and placed a lot of that burden on eating. Eating the wrong kinds of foods always left my energy level low and had me constantly feeling sluggish. At university and away from my family for the first time, it became even more difficult to eat right. I realized that I would need to understand how to eat well in order to rid myself of the negative associations I placed with food. I started making a real effort to prepare healthy meals for myself. (Thank god we had a dishwasher to get rid of all the messes!).

Also during university, my roommate introduced me to food blogs where I discovered a whole community of people with the like minded goal to incorporate healthy meals into an otherwise hectic lifestyle. I discovered the magic of quinoa (a grain packed full of protein!), how to bake with avocado (an avocado scone anyone?), and developed a budding romance with nut butters. At the same time, I started running, swimming and dancing on a regular basis. The combination left my body and mind feeling great! It was the first time that I could actually feel the benefits of healthy eating and exercise. 

Learning to enjoy food and exercise and seeing it do positive things for my body has been one of the most satisfying feelings I’ve ever achieved. Being able to cook for and share my passion with others has been equally satisfying. This blog documents my continued efforts to make simple, healthy, nutritious meals, despite sometimes putting it on a back burner (for exams, paying bills, catching up with friends etc). I hope others are inspired to do the same!

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